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Attention Local Consultants...

Ride A Tidal Wave To Profits On The HOTTEST Trend Ever...


Jeanne Kolenda

  Uncle Bruce

You can't help but succeed when every media story, every government agency and every new breakthrough is pushing solar.... and this tidal wave of publicity and incentives is only going to GROW.

On a personal note my good friend Earl bought a solar system almost 5 years ago.

That's his house below.

That's a picture of his house I took a week ago. Its about a 1400 square ranch with a lanai. His electric bill last month with Florida Power & Light (FPL) would have been $189...but instead it was ...$23! (and it has been a heat wave in Florida like I've never seen.)

...some months his bill is only $11 or $16. Earl is a semi-retired former machinist, earning Florida hourly wages so this kind of saving is very helpful. BTW, in case you're wondering, he paid his system off in just 5 years, so all his savings goes right in his pocket.

...and while I know one house in one little Florida town doesn't prove a lot, I still think it's nice to know Solar really does save homeowners money every month.

Stay with me as I show you how Solar can make your local agency VERY successful...

In Case You're New To Solar...

We're talking about Photovoltaic panels - those typically used in home solar systems.

They can absorb direct and indirect sunlight so that solar power can be harnessed basically anywhere in the United States.

Most solar companies will install these panels whose photovoltaic cells absorb the most energy and can therefore maximize sunlight exposure...

 No Matter Where You Live! 

While sunnier states tend to have more solar power output, states that have solar incentives like a solar investment tax credit and other solar-friendly programs in place tend to have high output levels as well, regardless of sun exposure.

The Bottom Line:

 For Most Homeowners, 

 In Most Parts Of The US, 

 Solar Panels Are Well Worth It. 

PLUS, there are 13,299 Solar Panel Installation businesses in the US alone as of 2022. That's PLENTY of prospects to keep
a consultant VERY busy! 

Solar install companies are doing well, for sure, but they could do so much better...IF you helped them with the secrets in new Solar Revenue Rocket Course!

You Can Help Solar Companies Generate Installs On Demand ...By Packing Their Schedules With Good Leads.

Tell solar installers they can STOP knocking on doors for good! They shouldn't Have To Pound The Pavement To Get Deals with our social media and lead gen system.

The even better news is, as Marketing consultants we can FOLLOW THE MONEY....

We can go where tax and financial incentives are best AND where opportunities to help market are brightest.

Solar Companies Challenges

But the fact remains, For solar sales professionals in the solar industry, it’s not unusual to face a tough crowd, especially on a cold call or cold visit.

Many potential customers are not aware of the current state of the climate, and pitching them with the chance of making an impact on climate change often results in words falling on deaf ears.

PLUS, Installation companies can have a difficult time recruiting new salespeople since the turnover is so high.

In fact, much of their total overhead is tied up in recruiting, training and overseeing a large canvassing sales force. The costs go up even more if they employ phone rooms.

Not all solar companies have door-to-door canvassing teams, but it remains a mainstream lead tactic for local installers...while some companies have experimented with dropping the door-to-door channel, it is still in widespread use.

Solar Install Companies ARE

Looking For Marketing Alternatives

An Agency would love to advertise that they provide good leads to new solar reps so canvassing or cold calling is not required.

Solar companies would love to have a fixed cost for all their leads and have control over how many they receive.

They would love to abandon (or at least downsize their existing marketing department and all its costs.)

You and your agency are in the right place at the right time to make this offer.

  •  Meet The "UNTAPPED MARKET" 

    The market you can produce lead services for is bigger than you may imagine.

    Besides helping existing Solar Install Companies, many regular contractors are considering getting into Solar...

    BUT they are stymied by ONE Thing. Its not the knowledge- they can get that. It not installers - they can hire them

    NO, their problem is LEADS!

    They Aren't Sure How To

    Get Solar Install Leads!

    It's not quite the same as what they're doing now for roofs, or basements, or room additions or garages, etc... and most of them know it.

    Now Imagine This:

    What if you had a PROVEN system that predictably produced the residential leads installers want, every single month?

    And what if that system worked for you passively, using social media and lead gen sites...producing 24/7 while you slept?

    What if this reliable little marketing department could be leased out to hungry solar companies for an affordable amount that STILL made your agency a pretty penny?

    This would be a source of leads that the solar contractors didn't need to manage
    or worry about.

    ...Providing them with the security and reassurance that when there's an issue, your agency will take care of it.

    Solar installers would no longer be at the mercy of unpredictable revenue sources like how many referrals they get or how many doors they knocked on this month...

    Soon their "best" months will be considered an "average" month... That's news they LOVE to hear!

  •  Here Is Your Opportunity... 

    YOU can do all this for Solar Contractors ANYWHERE with our new training...and bring a smile to their face.

    For a limited time, we're opening our doors to accept consultants as trainees and hand you our proven Solar Marketing Model.

    Just look at all you're getting:

  • 60 Solar Marketing Images With Comments ($199 Value)

  • 50+ Page PDF Training Manual ($67 Value)

  • New Custom Wordpress Theme ($1,199 Value)

  • Email Templates For Sales ($59)

  • Agreements & Forms ($49 Value)

  • 3 Solar Marketing Reports ($197 Value)

  • Lead Gen Flyers ($99 Value)

  • Power Point Slides Sales Presentation ($79 Value)

  • I don't think we've ever produced such a complete set of tools for any marketing niche yet!...and best of all:

  • NO Cold Calling

  • NO Mass Emailing

  • NO Face-to-Face Selling

  • NO Previous Skills Required!

  • There Is VERY LITTLE 'Selling' Involved

    You'll also have that treasure trove of our Done-For-You marketing tools including Email Templates and Flyer Templates, powerful social posting images, PowerPoint Slides, a WordPress Custom Theme and more.

    BTW, a brand new consultant can be just as effective as a veteran with this strategy.

    Did I mention this business has limited competition? Fewer marketers (for whatever reason) target solar companies.

    Jeanne and I are excited for you and your business since this is a niche that LIVES off marketing and the more they can get, the better they do.

    So many times you've heard Solar is the coming BIG THING, right?

    The Big Kahuna

    The Big Enchilada

    The Energy Solution...

    You’ve listened to enough experts extoll the benefits of Solar and watched more and more people get involved...

    And now you’re starting to realize this may be a PERFECT NICHE to go for, to grow your marketing agency.

    If you're honestly willing to apply some effort, and follow some simple instructions, then its no exaggeration to say,

    "You're Finally In The Right Place"

    Here's What You'll Receive By


    57 Page Training Manual

    60 Social Media Images with Comments

    Buyers Only Access to Private Facebook Group

    Lead-Gen Flyers

    Business Forms and Agreements

    3 Solar Marketing Reports

    PowerPoint Sales Presentations

    Fully Editable WordPress Website

    Email Templates for Sales

    See the screenshots of the full website below.


    Q: Is this just a re-hash of a previous course?

    A: No, its a brand new course, top to bottom. Jeanne & I are always looking to identify new, untapped niches that can be a good fit for local marketing consultants. Our research showed this is the perfect opportunity for consultants. We built a training course around our experience and research.

    Q: Is Solar very popular in my area?

    A: It probably is, but don't limit yourself! You can market to solar companies and contractors (like roofers, etc.) all over North America. You don't have to LIVE where they are. But don't sell your area short- solar is booming almost everywhere!

    Q: Is Solar a very competitive niche?

    A: Almost anything in demand will have competition. As the demand increases, it may get more crowded. However, we dont see it as crawling with competitors since most marketers dont even think of the niche!- despite all the attention the media gives it.

    Q: Why would a solar business need my help?

    A: Most local solar businesses are just not equipped to build a lead gen system that can supply them with enough quality leads. Given the chance to use the services of a marketing firm, many solar businesses will opt for that assistance.

    Q: Is there enough business out there?

    A: Absolutely! Of all the businesses we've investigated, Solar installers are more dependent on marketing than almost any other. They need a constant stream of leads and are open to obtaining leads from MANY sources.

    Q: Does this take a lot of time?

    A: Each client initially takes a couple hours to set up. After that, usually as little as 30 minutes a week. Remember, you're going to be doing work you're already familiar with - just applying it to the local solar industry.

    Q: Will I need a large budget?

    A: Not at all. You can do this with no money, just your own time and effort. You'll be paid before you ever have to spend any money, anyway. That way cash flow is not a problem.

    Q: Won't my clients Be Taking A Chance On me?

    A: No way! You will have access to a product that is first rate and that's what matters. We show you exactly how to implement these Solar Lead Systems. PLUS, you get our tools like Customized WP Theme and powerful posting images for Social Media Marketing.

    Q: Will I need to hire Employees?

    A: NO (Unless YOU Want Them) —If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource that's fine. But its necessary.

    Q: Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up clients?)

    A: This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone. No cold calling is necessary.

    Q: How soon can I expect to land some local clients?

    A: While we cannot guarantee any specific results, since the law doesn't allow that... If you follow a simple daily plan of emailing the right solar candidates, you may see results in as little as a few weeks.

    REFUND POLICY! Because of the digital assets you're receiving that cannot be returned, there are NO REFUNDS on this product. You will be asked to click on "Terms of Service" when you checkout to confirm you understand our policy. 

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